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Baseball, Softball and T-Ball Liability Insurance

You have worked very hard developing your baseball, softball or t-ball team or league. You wouldn't want one of your participants to get injured without the proper baseball insurance policy coverage. If you purchase the medical coverage, if one of your participants gets injured during play, your participants medical bills could be paid. You wouldn't want your player to have no insurance coverage. If an injured player or family member decides to bring a lawsuit against you for said injury you are going to want a great baseball insurance liability policy. If you do not have such coverage you could be ordered to pay out a large amount of money in legal fees and compensation to the players family. Do yourself a big favor and purchase the correct baseball insurance coverage.


This baseball insurance plan provides protection to volunteers, coaches, directors, officers, leagues, associations, or teams against insurance claims for body injuries, damage to property, individual and promotion injuries liabilities, plus the lawsuit expenses in order to fend off this kind of insurance claims. Insurance coverage is provided from the Sports and Recreation Providers Association Purchasing Group. There is absolutely no insurance deductible amount with this policy.

Lawsuits Covered Arising Out Of:

•Death or injury to participants
• Death or injury to spectators
• Death or injury to volunteers
• Damage to property liability
• Liability for host liquor (non-profit)
• All of functions essential to carry out games or practices
• Control, make use of, and also repair off practice areas or fields
• Standard negligence insurance claims
• Expense of examination as well as defense of insurance claims, even when groundless

Available Coverage For:

Non-owned and hired automobile liability coverage.


Molestation or abuse, all acts of terrorism, aircraft, assault and battery, asbestos liability, fall in of temporary constructed structure, employment related practices, owned automobile coverage, bacteria and fungi, hepatitis, AIDS, HIV, HTVL, lead poisoning, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, healthcare expenses, professional liability, nuclear energy liability, war liability, total pollution, pyrotechnics activity, and liability coverage for incidences before the insurance effective date for the policy. All the previously mentioned are governed by the conditions and terms of the insurance policy.

Notice: There isn't any liability insurance coverage regarding claims developing from the following activities: All of motor sports, bungee jumping, ballooning, gymnastics, cheerleading pyramids, luge, inflatables, parachuting, mountain climbing, polo, rodeo, rock climbing, any sports related to equestrian, distribution or sale/manufacture of athletic equipment, SCUBA diving, skin diving, squash, snow skiing, tobogganing, sauna use, tanning devices, trampolines usage, white water rafting, water slides, water craft, or saddle animal exposures.

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