How do I add an additional insured?
Please click on the “Client” link from the main menu, followed by “Login”. Enter your username and password, and then click on the “add additional insured” link. All the data must be completed in order to add it to your policy. There is an additional fee of $25.00 per additional insured to add this information to your policy after it has been issued.

How many additional insureds can I have on my policy?
As many as you require. You can list five at the time of purchase – at no additional cost. After the initial five, it will cost $25.00 per additional insured added.

When do I need recital insurance?
If you have a recital that includes students not your own, you must purchase recital insurance in order to be covered. If the venue is not your school, the venues owner may require you to be listed on your policy as an additional insured. You should consider both options and if possible, plan for your recital at the time of initial purchase to minimize costs. (List the recital location as well as the additional insured name, address & venue).

Do you offer premium financing?
At this time, NO.

What does Minimum Earned Premium mean?
The dance insurance carrier, when they initiate a policy, charges a minimal policy premium. $450 is the current minimum premium for dance studio insurance. Your premium is based upon your student count. If your dance school insurance premium is calculated to be $450 you will receive no refund if you decide to cancel your policy before it expires. For those of you with premiums above $450 your refund would be determined by how much money above the $450 and the length of time you had the policy in effect (pro-rated).

Why is our Dance Liability Insurance so inexpensive?
It is because we are a national leader in sports insurance! For over 20 years we have supplied sports insurance to over 5000 schools. This allows us to pass on low cost dance insurance to you.

How long will it take for my dance studio insurance to be active?
Submitted applications during 9:30 am EST to 5:30 pm EST (our normal business hours) will be in effect within twenty four hours. Submitted applications received after hours, weekends or holidays will be processed the next business day and will be in effect within twenty four hours from then. You will be emailed an insurance certificate once your policy is bound.

Will your Dance school insurance protect my employees and instructors?
Employees and Instructor’s who are being paid by you and at the location you indicated on your application, will be covered against a lawsuit.

Will there be coverage if one of my employees or instructors gets injured at my school?
There would be no coverage for this. The coverage you would need is workers compensation. Currently we do not offer this coverage.

Can I get dance recital insurance only?
You can get coverage for a dance recital only.

How long will it take for me to receive coverage for my dance recital?
You should submit your dance recital application at least a week before the event. We will process your application during the business day we receive it and it will be in effect within twenty four hours of that.

What should I do if I receive a claim?
You should go to our website and click on the “Client” link from the main menu, followed by “Login”. Enter your username and password and fill out a claim form located on the left side navigation. Email it to us and we will send it on to the insurance company.

What is the best way to calculate my student count?
We know that student enrollment varies for your dance studio. We also know that you have students signed up, on the books but don't show up. The student count we are looking for is your active participant student count. How many students are showing up a month?

Do you have insurance for running dance camps?
Yes. The fastest way for you to get a quote for dance camp insurance would be to call or email us.

Can I get coverage for my landlord?
Yes. You can go on our website and add your landlord to your policy. It is called an additional insured.

Can I get coverage for my property?
You can get coverage for your personal business property. We can cover as little as $5000 of property. Go to our website to get a quote for the amount of coverage you are looking for.

Can I get dance insurance for more than one location?
You can cover multiple locations as long each school location is yours. You would give the grand total of active students and list each location on your policy.