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We offer Liability, Medical, as well as Property and Casualty insurance in all 50 States. We are focused on offering the most comprehensive coverage’s available at the lowest possible cost. We are also interested in providing you with only the coverage’s you need – not coverage’s that increase your premium. Our primary focus is on amateur and youth sports activities. We have been able to expand into other types of events and activities like weddings and wedding receptions, parades, pageants, concerts as well as all types of camps, clinics, job fairs and the like. Our experienced team has been involved in amateur sports insurance for nearly 25 years. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you. More about us


Last news

  • We are seeing more and more claims being made through an attorney as opposed through the studio. Owners would be wise to post signage indicating that any injuries that occur in their studio should be reported immediately to their instructor. As soon as an attorney gets involved the likelihood of the General Liability portion of your policy taking precedence is increased. This is strongly looked at by the insurance carrier when your policy is up for renewal and may increase your premium or even worse, be grounds for non-renewal.

  • More and more landlords are requiring increased aggregate amounts and also property coverage. Some are even requiring business interruption coverage as well. Owners should carefully check the terms of their lease to make an accurate determination as to what their actual insurance costs will be. The time to negotiate is before you sign the lease not after.