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Wedding Insurance

When it’s time to wed and you are considering having a reception, the facility will usually require you have some type of liability wedding insurance in place. This type of insurance can minimize your financial exposure on a variety of issues that can occur during this type of event. Because the facility basically forces this wedding insurance requirement on you as a condition of rental, you should look at it as a blessing in disguise. You don’t want to have to start your marriage with a financial anchor around your neck.

Worst case scenario is when one of your guests, for whatever reason, files a lawsuit against you or the facility seeking financial damages. The suit could be for anything - not necessarily anything in particular. This lawsuit could be initiated by one of your guests or, even an employee of the venue where the reception is held. It really doesn’t matter. In addition, your liability could extend off the premises entirely should there be an event that occurs due to liquor consumption. What do you do now? Your special event just turned into one of the worse days ever. You need to have wedding insurance

If you purchased wedding insurance, you can turn the whole thing over to the wedding insurance carrier for any ensuing litigation. If you took the time to consider as many of the potential outcomes as possible, you should be very adequately protected.

You must be sure that you furnish your wedding insurance agent with as much pertinent information regarding your wedding event as possible. Things like the expected number of guests, the exact address of the events location and maybe even whether it will be held indoors or outdoors! All of this information is necessary for the agent to give you the specific type of policy that will be most beneficial to you.

You can typically get wedding insurance coverage at approximately $1-3 million which should be more than enough to insure your wedding. Again, you should speak to your wedding insurance professional about how precisely wedding insurance can protect you and also what is available. The amount of wedding insurance that you get will all be dependent upon your personal needs and those of the owner of the venue. Your wedding insurance agent should be able to help you determine the kind of coverage you may need and just how much it's going to cost.

If you are serving alcohol for example, you may be required or may want to consider obtaining liquor liability insurance. This will safeguard you in case a person drinks at the wedding then has an accident related to alcohol consumption. Be sure to talk to your agent to learn precisely what coverages are available, their cost and whether or not you should or, must have these additional coverages. When you consider the protection it offers, it would be foolish not consider wedding insurance coverage as an integral part of hosting your event. The peace of mind that it offers cannot be adequately measured. And you can rest at ease without fear of something truly unfortunate happening!

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